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  1. Wanted
    Hey I'm looking for a nice RS limited. Must still have the Recaros fitted, the rest of the bits I'm not as fussed if they are missing. If you have one and are thinking of selling or know someone whos selling please message :) Thanks
  2. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi everyone! I am looking for a set of Driveshafts which are the bolt-on flange type. but it must be the 80mm space between hole centres for special editions as mine is a 1.8L V-Special 1993
  3. Wanted
    Need a donor housing for conversion to LSD. Cheers.
  4. Wanted
    After a set of 4 BBS OEM alloys, any condition considered reply or PM me if you have anything. Cheers.
  5. Wanted
    Hey All, I'm looking for a Mk1 1.6 rear driver side caliper in working order. also passenger side standard Mk1 wing mirror, black preferably but any colour. As close to Chepstow, South Wales as possible. Tah. Jack.
  6. Wanted
    As above, want a set of wishbones for the Eunos so I can blast/paint and fit new bushes and then just swap the lot over instead of taking the ar off the road, anyone got a decent set?
  7. Wanted
    I'm looking for a new soft top and frame, ideally a black mohair roof and frame, but will consider anything! Based near Oxford, but happy to drive and collect with cash! Cheers, John
  8. Wanted
    hi , would anyone have a front number plate plinth that they would part with , for 2007 nc mk3 local-ish to barnsley if poss' regards G
  9. Wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for mk1 mx5 Mazdaspeed side skirts. Open to carbon miata copies either. I'm in Southern Ireland so must be willing to courier, at my expense. Just thought I'd check if anyone selling before I buy new. Thanks, David.
  10. Wanted
    Dear all, I just picked up 2005 sales and accessories brochures to go with my new (to me) 2005 1.8 Sport and noticed that Mazda dealers sold genuine Mazda aluminium pedal pads back in the day. I strongly suspect that they were very expensive and thus an option most didn't go for and are rare...
  11. Wanted
    Having previously owned an R-Limited, I am now in a position to buy another car and return to the MX-5 fold. The car will be used as a third car and ideally for some track days. I don't want a totally track honed machine as the wife will not get in it when we just want to run around town. The...
  12. Wanted
    Hi All, I previously owned a beautiful Mk 1 R-Limited import that had all its original bits including the genuine BBS alloys. Photo of my old car: That car was sold a number of years ago but ever since I have regretted it. I am now in a position to buy another car and return to the MX-5...
  13. Wanted
    Might be a long shot but has anyone an ECU + Connector + ~1ft of loom from a MK3/NC1 2L Folding Hardtop (PRHT) model? It sits under the airbox & is a waterproof jobbie with 2 connectors going to it (from memory). Alternatively does anyone know of a breakers that might actually give me the...
  14. Wanted
    Like in the title looking for this maaad wheels, I am aware they rare, good cash waiting. CHEERS!
  15. Wanted
    Guys, following a near miss on the motorway last week I am looking for a roll bar for my MK2.5 either TR Lane or Hard Dog. I don't have the funds for a brand new one so if anyone has one for sale, please PM me, thanks!
  16. Wanted
    hi guys, some of you told me not to do it, but i sold my mk1 and a mk3 was bought........ :whistle: this was her............... :drool: the mk3 has gone , cos i didn't bond with it , i am now looking for another nice eunos that can be brought up to this standard. :thumb-up2: if anyone...
  17. General Chat & Banter
    Hi all, I'm in need of some parts for a rather sorry looking MK2.5, specifically the headlights, front bumper and bonnet. Light blue is the preferred colour, but frankly they're proving so tough to locate it's not essential. I've been trawling Ebay and Gumtree, but are there any other places I...
  18. Wanted
    Hi all, I'm after a full set of mk1 wishbones suitable for a 1991 1.6, preferably in good condition and ideally with the bushes stripped out. The captive nut in the rear lower arms must be present, correct and serviceable! My budget is flexible, depending on condition - obviously I'll pay more...
  19. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hi Guys Just started a new MX 5 project and i am looking for a new folding roof for a MK2
  20. Wanted
    CAN THIS THREAD BE DELETED, I've decided I'm not going near a mk2 ever again, only mk1
1-20 of 56 Results