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  1. Problems
    Having owned my MK1 for nearly a year now, I've just noticed that the vinyl hood has come away from the frame rails above the centre of both windows (see image below): My question is whether this is meant to be like this? It doesn't leak when driving in the wet or being hand or jet-washed. I...
  2. Interior
    Hi all, I'm trying to plan out a retrim for my NA. I'm quite handy with the old thread and needle, but I'm not so sure on what the best place to get car fabrics is. I Know eBay is a bit hit-and-miss with car fabrics (suedette, vinyl, etc) in terms of quality, longevity, UV resistance, etc...
  3. Exterior
    Hi everyone, I've got a few small tears at the side of my vinyl hood which allow water to build up in the seals and then leak down onto the carpets and seats. I'm currently using duct tape to temporarily sort it until I can find a decent hardtop, however after noticing that Moss are doing a...
  4. Detailing
    I currently use AG vinyl and rubber care which does make it look nice it never beads the way I want it to and doesn't last very long at all. Anyone got any better sealants?
  5. General Car Chat
    Hi Guys, I have a few things I'd like to wrap in carbon fibre vinyl on my car. It is a pretty daunting task when you don't know where to start, but the worst part is I've been told by a number of people that the results vary wildly dependant on the quality of the vinyl you use. I was just...
  6. Exterior
    Hi guys, Didn't really know where to put this thread except here. I've seen some lovely vinyls on the corners of peoples windows, so I have just purchased myself a "Hellaflush" and "Illest" vinyl. What's the best way to apply them to the window and should they go on the exterior or interior...
1-6 of 11 Results