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  1. General Chat & Banter
    Even better than that Audi ad?
  2. Events and Motorsport
    Hello all, This is maybe a bit premature as there's still 2 months to go, but I can already feel the excitement building amongst the drivers for the first race of the season We have lots of new guys joining us this year so the grids will be nice and full, ensuring close and exciting racing...
  3. Entertainment
    Welcome to nutzF1, the MX5Nutz fantasy Formula One competition. Team listings Australian GP results Malaysian GP results Chinese GP results Bahraini GP results Spanish GP results Monaco GP results Canadian GP results British GP results German GP results Hungarian GP results Belgian GP...
  4. Entertainment
    Just a reminder for Wheeler Dealers fans that this new show starts tonight... Not sure about this to be honest, most of the joy of WD is Edd doing the work on the cars, i think a whole hour of Mike...
  5. General Chat & Banter
    Did anyone see Dogging Tales last night? Unbelievable.... Undoubtedly the best hour of TV i've seen so far this year, especially 'Terry', it's all a bit tragic, and it is definitely NSFW (yes you see peen0r) But i've never ever ever laughed so much. Granted it was tinged with sadness at the...
  6. Events and Motorsport
    Tune in today to Motors TV to see the Max5 racers belting round Donington! Starts at 1.30. I won't be watching though cos I'll be there!!! Good luck chaps!
  7. General Car Chat
    anyone watch "the garage" on quest [freeview 38]? does anyone need to be qualified to work on cars in spain cos some of the efforts I have seen on that programme are a joke, the "mechanics" have no idea about anything really I think this is why I prefer to repair my own car and not take it to...
  8. General Car Chat
    Cut and paste from ITVs website. Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line Tomorrow on ITV4 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm The incredible story of how the Race2Recovery team, an outfit made up predominantly injured servicemen, aimed to become the first disability team to finish the Dakar Rally in South...
  9. General Chat & Banter
    Just been watching said program on tv all about newly qualified young drivers. It was said that the government plan to impose rules on said drivers ie: restricting how many passengers they can carry and such, it made me think its not rules we need to be imposing we need to educate people more...
  10. Events and Motorsport
    Motors TV at 16.20 hrs - follow all the action from the recent three rounds at Croft. Programe is repeated at 9am on Friday.
  11. General Car Chat
    THE BBC Top Gear crew have landed in Gibraltar to film their latest episode today. Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been spotted on the Rock as they prepare to race an Audi R8 against the McLaren Mp4-12c on the runway of Gibraltar International Airport. Clarkson...
  12. General Chat & Banter
    That is all...
1-12 of 12 Results