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  1. Interior
    Hoping someone can help! As per title, I've had a look on the forums but could not locate anything regarding fitting/removing the boot trims in a Mk2. Any help would be appreciated! Bit of background if anyone is interested: Bought my first Mx5 last week, it is in poor condition and needs a...
  2. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hello all Had my Eunos Mk 1 for about 20 years, and my Dad had it for 4 years before that. It's the 1.6 auto import, K reg, red with black cloth, and we got it at 3 years old. It's still only done 120km (yup, "kms" because import, remember!), and apart from exhausts and tyres, it's only ever...
  3. I.C.E
    Morning all. Now, I have a pickle for you. As the previous owner of my beloved roadster was a bit of a chump, he decided he wanted 8 inch speakers in the doors of the car, and small tweeters superglued to the dash (nightmare, still trying to pick glue off). As a result, the space in the doors...
  4. Wanted
    Afternoon folks. Just wondering if anyone has the pieces of trim that cover the seatbelt towers, that have the holes in them for the captive nuts that the hardtop latches bolt onto? in nice clean condition as well, that would be laaaaavly :D just leave a comment here or pm me and we can sort...
  5. Wanted
    Hi all, before a place an order with Mx5 parts has anyone got any chrome vent rings i can snaffle? and a chrome gear knob, anything concidered! could px my carbon fibre one for some bits? or any other bits that you think i may fancy? cheers in advance JImmy
  6. Interior
    Hi, I am looking for a chrome or brushed aluminium dash kit for mk2 mx5 (2001 reg) and wondered if any one could recommend a supplier? Has anyone used this company before I don't want a kit that looks tacky when fitted. Can anyone advise if dash kit parts fix on...
1-6 of 9 Results