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  1. Members Rides
    Hi all So this is my second mx5. My first I scrapped 4 years ago due to alot of rust. ????. Missed the mx5 so now luckily I'm back in one! I had originally a mx2 1.8 that was my weekend car/ track day car. Link to that thread below I...
  2. Events and Motorsport
    All, Post the track days you are going to next year, and I will update this front sheet. Please include Date, track, who is going, and a link to the sign up page for the day. Thanks Upcoming 20/11/17 - Bedford - tom91 - No link 25/11/17 - Cadwell Park - WillisRR - No link 16/12/17 - Oulton...
  3. Events and Motorsport
    Hi there New member and new MX-5 owner. I'll be attending the Abingdon Track Day this friday. Anyone from here coming?? Cheers Dai
  4. Events and Motorsport
    Hey all, I got tired of looking at track days in the UK and then finding out the track is the other side of the country, so I put this little map together with all the tracks i could find info on. There are probably a couple missing, let me know if you know of any and I'll add it. UK Race...
  5. General Car Chat
    hey there all, im 20 and have my first 1.8 95 uk mk1 that is currently being moddified for track days (after the a pillars get welded up tomoro) and was just wondering how people tend too go about getting there. this could be, driving, trailoring etc but just wondered what the cheapest and best...
1-5 of 6 Results