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  1. Exterior
    Where's the best place to get a set (front & back) of tow hooks for my NA? Are you able to get fronts that mount with the ring vertically? Are you able to get rears that protrude from the bumper and don't just mount pointing towards the ground? Thanks, Scott
  2. General Chat & Banter
    This made me chuckle on my lunch break so thought I'd share. Perhaps someone stole the car briefly and then returned it to the wrong place...?
  3. Exterior
    Been looking about at tow hooks.. Decided I like it much more that the strap. Everywhere I seem to look though is either red or universal (I will probably end up buying a universal one and playing with it to make it fit.. But they come from HK and take weeks :( ) I'm aware guys like Jass are...
  4. Wanted
    I'm after a set of the big sticky out JDM style tow hooks if anyone has them lying around un-used. I can re-spray them if they aren't the best! Example.
  5. Exterior
    Just got myself a TRS tow strap and I'm unsure of how to fit it. It's the long adjustable one hence the problems. Any advice would be apreciated.
1-5 of 7 Results