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  1. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi, I've nearly finished my TD04 build and am going to have it tuned to around 170 bhp. At the moment there's a 1.6 clutch and flywheel in it (and 6" diff). Has anyone had success with using a stock 1.8 clutch and flywheel at this sort of power? I think I'll just wait for my clutch to...
  2. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hello, I have been on the search for a 4.3:1 Torsen diff on ebay and gumtree. To replace the viscous LSD in my 1992 which is a 4.3:1. But all the ones I can find are Either 4.1:1, 3.9:1 or 3.6:1. Does anyone know where I could find one?
  3. Wanted
    As the title suggests, looking for a 3.6 Torsen from a mk2.5 S-VT to replace my knackered Super Fuji diff. Thanks!
  4. Members Rides
    Hello my name is Haakon and I'm a 21 year old IT student from Norway. I bought my first Mazda MX-5 Miata in August 2017 and have done a few things to it since I got it. It's a 1999 NB 1.8 model imported from Switzerland to Norway in 2009. It has also been a cup car in Germany earlier in its...
  5. Wanted
    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but after a reasonably priced Torsen diff not too fussed if it's a type 1 or 2 and preferably a 4.1:1 ratio. Located in East Anglia or willing to post. Thanks Andy
  6. Wanted
    Hi all As above, I'm trying to locate a Torsen LSD with a 3.6:1 ratio to fit to my MK1 Eunos. If anyone has one, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks
  7. Wanted
    Hi All, I previously owned a beautiful Mk 1 R-Limited import that had all its original bits including the genuine BBS alloys. Photo of my old car: That car was sold a number of years ago but ever since I have regretted it. I am now in a position to buy another car and return to the MX-5...
  8. Mechanical & Electrical
    Bought a Torsen Diff for the NA, comes with all the relevant shafts so it'll be a simple install. However the guys has it out the casing to prove it's the Torsen to a guy who ended up not buying it, has advised that the bearings haven't been torqued up to spec and are just hand tight. Diff...
  9. Members Rides
    So found myself a 2001 mk2.5 S-VT. wanted to give this model a go as it comes standard with a Torsen diff, 6 speed gearbox, large brakes, nardi steering wheel. Found myself a bit of a steel (i think anyway) £1400.00 for the car. its covered a very moderate 56k from new, comes with a hard...
  10. For Sale Ads
    Notes All items located in Aberdeen, Scotland. All items available for collection less the postage cost. Any item not listed here that you are interested in please ask - the full car is available. Scrapping due to rotten sills, renovating house and a 3 month old baby. Best someone else gets...
  11. Wanted
    So currently in restore mode on my Mark 1 before I add mods, a couple of bits I need first. Some MX5 seats, Mark 1 or 2, doesn't really matter! My drivers side seat has a 4 inch hole in the base and I'd rather replace both with the same set! I need some carpet if possible to fit into a mark...
  12. Problems
    Hi guys, I have been enjoying my 97' 1.8 for the past few months now, i was giving the car a general check over and decided to have a look underneath the back end where I spotted alot of moisture around and above the Diff (see pictures attached) this leads to the suspicion of a leaky diff...
  13. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    Hey everyone, Just a quick one- I have been searching around trying, can you buy brand new differentials, ideally LSDs for the Mk1? I am still trying to get my head around differentials, but if I am understanding them correctly, they are not so much a wear and tear item? Which may explain why...
  14. Problems
    Hi guys, Strictly speaking I don't actually have an MX5 - but I have an E30 with a Torsen differential and you guys seem to know your stuff regarding Torsens. I'm having issues with mine currently and your forum always comes up in my searches so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'll try to keep...
  15. Mechanical & Electrical
    Good afternoon everyone, I've recently been reading up on differentials and the different types as it is an area where I have absolutely no knowledge. I seem to be getting my head around them a bit more now, enough to know that my 1996 1.8 Gleneagles has an open diff, which means it transfers...
  16. Wanted
    so i feel i now need longer gears, i have a 5 speed with 4.3 torsen which came stock in my 1.8 eunos S. but now im running 269 and will be dropping a forged engine in over the winter and go for more+ i think longer ratio will suit my build better as i need 3rd gear to hit 60 and thats alot of...
  17. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    As per subject, have a LSD off my old 1.8 mk2 and am looking to get a 1.8 mk2.5 to fit it to. Was going to try and get one with LSD already but there's a few tidy examples out there without one so would like to know what else is required to fit it (if anything at all?)? Thanks in advance
  18. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    bit of advise/feedback if you have experience with this. I am running a 1.8 Torsen type 1 diff with the shafts and prop in my 1991 1.6 turbo. Just taken the car for a battering round Silverstone and thinking of maybe trying a KAAZ 1.5 way diff. ?????????
  19. Problems
    Hi, So pulling away from a junction yesterday there was a noise in the rear of my car followed by a loud metallic rattling. An inspection of the diff showed that the one mounting arm had completely sheered off. How common is this? I was told it is a Torsen LSD, are the casings across the...
  20. Wanted
    I have a diff but I am missing a half shaft. I have the stub shaft but not the bit that bolts on from there and goes through the hub. I believe these come from 1.8's? Auto link apparently sells them for £70, was expecting more like £25! many thanks
1-20 of 39 Results