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  1. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Cars timing was advanced from standard to 14 degrees BTDC a while back. Whilst doing a turbo conversion, is it going to be alright leaving the timing advanced like this, or is it best to drop it back? Or what do you turbo boys and girls recommend?
  2. Problems
    Hi everyone, Have a little trouble with my 1.8. Did a full belts swap with new tensioners and pulleys etc about 30 miles ago. Post cam belt change car started up perfectly, drove lovely, went for a long test drive, all good. Engine just felt a little under power and the power delivery felt...
  3. Mechanical & Electrical
    Anybody else fitted a 1.6 c.a.s. to a 1.8 engine? I bought one off ebay advertized as 1.8 but was in fact for a 1.6. Hell of an effort to get it in there but it seems to work ok :unsure: Done a few hundred miles on it by now. Robert
  4. Problems
    Hi guys, This is going to be quite vague.. I do apologise. Just noticed it getting worse on my way home from work but didn't get a chance to video it and post it to see what you guys think. The car is a UK model, 1995 NA 1.6. With 69000 miles. Basically getting a squeak from one of the...
  5. Problems
    ... Went to my local garage I get a lot of work done and turns out I couldn't crank up the timing due to someone putting on the crank pulley wrong. Haha This made me laugh.. what a tool! Well it's either that or the CAM sensor is gone.. But I can't see how the car would still run normally with...
  6. Problems
    Hey Peeps, I spent the past weekend doing a cambelt change on my 92' 1.6 Eunos. other than a really stubborn crank bolt it went relatively well. FYI its a long nose crank and the end of the crank + woodruf key were in excellent condition. i took the car out for a drive to check every thing was...
  7. Servicing
    EDIT: Revisited in Feb 2017 - some more tips, corrections, clarifications, and simplifications! Who are you? I'm not a professional mechanic. I'm what many would call a bedroom mechanic. I work in IT and am interested in cars. I'm a long time lurker and recently bought my first MX5 (2001 Mk2.5...
  8. Interior
    Has anyone used this: It is supposed to be quite good, and an Android version is on the way this month.