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  1. Reviews
    I purchased the brake brace from It comes with a complete guide making it easy if you're unsure how to change the existing part. This does not interfere with your choice of strut brace and gives a much better support that a screw out nylon foot which some braces use. Whats in...
  2. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi guys, Does anybody know of a strut brace that will fit with / over a hot-side M45? It looks as though most will be too low.... Cheers
  3. Wanted
    Hi my friend is looking for a yellow front strut brace, if anyone has one for sale, please PM me. Cheers Alex.
  4. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi all, I'm keen to fit an engine bay tower/strut brace to sure up my front-end, ideally one with a master cylinder brace. The problem I have is that I have a late (1997) engine which seems to have additional intake tubing that obscures the nearside shock-tower (see pic). Does anybody know of...
1-4 of 11 Results