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  1. How do I...
    Hi Having searched high and low, I found an online manual with a section on removing the starter. on the earth do you remove the top bolt!!?? It took me long enough to remove the two leads and bottom bolt! Any pointers, most appreciated Thanks
  2. Problems
    Hi All, I have a mk2.5 1.8 and it developed a rattle and clicking from (i assume) the starter. It does actually start though. I have replaced the battery but it's still doing it. I assume the very thin neg lead from the battery is 'normal' and I'm not missing an earth strap? I'll have a look...
  3. Problems
    Hi, I have come across an awkward problem. My roadster, '95 - shy of 170k km has been acting strange. The plastic key, on the left, goes in the barrel and turns, but no lights turn on the dash. When I use the spare key on the right, the lights turn on and the car starts. I have had the car...
1-3 of 4 Results