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  1. MX5 friends!

    Came back to my car on Saturday night after a meal with the girlfriend to find another Mk2 parked next to me! Was at Bluewater around 9pm... Is it yours?
  2. Spotted!
    Loads of waves from a trio of NA's as I came back into WGC on the B653.
  3. Spotted!
    Looked fairly stock, sounded like it had a decat on it. Was nice.
  4. Spotted!
    Red mk1 with purple hard top and a green mk2 in the car park of boulder brighton sunday afternoon (about 3) anybody on here? i was the white mk1 that would have been parked when you came in.
  5. Spotted!
    Just wondering if your on here, Had a nice little run with you through breadsall. Cars looking tidy mate
  6. Spotted!
    Spotted along side coopers garage, car looks mint sitting pretty. Just wondered if you was on here?
  7. Spotted!
    Yesterday morning I passed you in my red MK1 and we both had the tops down loving life haha. Think you had chrome style bars but only got a quick glimpse so not too sure. Thanks for the wave though!!
  8. Spotted!
    2 today in the August sun. First spotted a red 5 on Rota wheels in Sainsbury's Hankeridge Farm Petrol station,Taunton. We said a quick hello, but I was leaving at the time and there was a que so didn't have the chance to chat. Then, a very clean looking white 5 on Silk Mills road in Taunton...
  9. Spotted!
    Spotted 2 red Mk1's at Bruntingthorp on Saturday, one of them was trying to make his headlights wink lol Anyone here?
1-9 of 9 Results