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  1. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    So been giving the wheels a bit of a spruce up and wanted to make them less fake looking as those plastic studs had seen better days! You will need: - Pliers - WD40, GT85, Muc off bike spray, tapping grease, anything of a similar nature - Desired taps (M8 in my case) - Tap wrench - Gloves...
  2. Members Rides
    following my welcome thread (http://www.mx5nutz.c...topic=95992&hl=) i thought i would actually make a build thread rather than stalking everyone else. this is my first 5, i fell in love with them after i drove one at my old work. this is how i got it. its fairly tidy, there a few small dents...
1-2 of 3 Results