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    Hello I can't really figure out if the sparco rev bucketseats can fit in the NA ('97). Can please help me? I've found little different answers around the internet, and i can't tells whats right and wrong. - if it can fit, is it still possible to adjust it back and forward?
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    Many of us have tried fitting Sparco Spints in an MX5 to realise, they are not exactly direct fit, nor provide much (more) room. They need redrilling, adapting the rail to the left seat to match the width and while a defoamed OEM seat can sit at same height and lean lower, these are not an...
  3. Interior the flipping nora did you do it? A - Brackets bolted to floor and then seats to brackets? B - Brackets bolted to seats and then whole caboodle fitted into car? I've tried both ways, and I just can't get it done :( A - can't get my allen key into the socket head bolts B - can't get to...
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    Didn't realise the the seat belt stalks were connected to the seats themselves in my MK2, and I'm trying to fit the lovely Sparcos into my car. And have removed the stock seats, along with the stalks - any ideas guys?
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    This is going to seem a bit vague and difficult to picture until I get a chance to put pictures up (In work atm so will do asap) so please bare with me guys :) So at the moment I have a Sparco seat (don't even know much about it!) fitted to my mk1 on the drivers side only, bit of a background...
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    I'm trying to fit a Sparco Sprint V into the driver's side of my Mk2.5 and I'm having a few issues. I did a load of forum and google searches and ended up following the guide here: The problem is that once the...
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    Hi guys, Having spent last Thursday sliding atround my seat at Goodwood I'm interested in a new drivers side seat that will provide more support and fulfil the following criteria: - Will fit without rubbing on seat-belt tower etc. - Will fit on existing standard rails or has easy bolt-in...
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    There's a Corbeau Sprint on eBay and I wondered whether it would fit the drivers side of my mk1? I've looked into it online but can't seem to find a definite answer re fitment and whether I'd need new rails etc. All advice much appreciated!
1-8 of 19 Results