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  1. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hello, New here but im sure this topic has been covered a number of times. I have some rust on my MX5 MK1, the car is actually fairly solid underneath but the rear arches have gone abit and there is a hole in one of the sills. I have bough sills and rear arch repair panels for both sides. Would...
  2. Problems
    Hello, firstly I have searched to no avail, does anyone have recomendations for a good body shop for replacing wheel arches and sills. Preferably in the West Midlands after this weekends clean I fear mine will need sorting sooner rather than later. Thanks for your help in advance. Roddie
  3. Problems
    Hi all, I'm hunting for a Mk2 or 2.5 1.8 sport and came across one in great condition except the typical corrosion on the rear sills and a sign of corrosion on the front chassis rail. The corrosion on the chassis rail wasn't visible but there was a tell-tale bulge which suggests corrosion...
  4. Problems
    So, the dreaded rear sill rot, I have had the car for 1 year to the day today and when I first saw the car I did inspect this region- obviously not well enough, I need to make sure I take a screw driver next time! Low and behold, I have been working on the car for some time now and decided that...
  5. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    There seems to be a theme at the moment asking about sills, must be the time of year! Anyway, I already know I have rusty sills that need repairing so mine is more a purchasing question. My MK1 has suffered from rust behind the front wheel arch because of trapped mud and leaves etc. but it's...
  6. Exterior
    Afternoon all! My name is Zac and I have recently taken ownership of a 1996 UK Mk1 1.8. The plan is to mod it for a bit of fun on the road but the main focus is to track it alongside my father's Westfield. It will be a learning curve for both of us as we have no mechanical expertise at all, but...
  7. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi guys, need your help. I want to fix for good the rust on my lovely racing silver mk2 I bought a few months ago (I bought it knowing the sills and arches would have to be refurbed eventually). The pics I've posted on my "Hi I'm a newbie" section are a bit big so to avoid posting them up...
  8. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    ...probably shouldn't have poked the bubble to see how solid it was.... Guess what tonights job is! :D Also, don't put your cordless drill and spot weld bit down before you've finished the job and nip in to get another tool. It's gone walkies in the space of 30 seconds, thievin' little...
  9. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Can anyone recommend a good welder in North Wales, Or is any one handy with a Mig, Preferably near to Prestatyn area or nearby. Just had a crawl under my 5 and both rear sills are going to need repair for MOT coming up next month. Cheers
  10. Reviews
    Hi all just wanted to share my experience of a sill and arch repair at the above. Drove all the way over from Wakefield on recommendations to CBS @ Colne and Autoline @Wigan, was looking for complete sill and arch repair + paint, 2 new front wings, fitted by me, repainting. Plus boot lid...
  11. Problems
    Hi guys, Just wondering if I could get an opinion on the rust on my car? I'm not sure how badly it compares to most of it's age (N Reg), and wondering when I need to do about it? I basically just need the car to be MOT-worthy at the moment
1-11 of 12 Results