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sill repair
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  1. Exterior
    Finally got around to tackling the rust on my 04 Mk2.5 Mx-5 Passenger Sill today with a lot of help from my a friend Matt in Northampton who is a welder/fabricator for a local racing team. Of the two sills, this one was the worst but was not showing too bad thanks to the a bit of...
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    Seen this. As I'm...
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    I know there a few sill repair threads floating around. I've just picked my car up this afternoon after having some work done, so thought I'd share my experience. The work was done by Ste at Autoline, after a recommendation off the forum, he is a member on here too. I'd definitely recommend...
  4. Exterior
    I Have a MK2.5 2004 and my rear arches are starting to show signs of rusting. It doesn't look too bad at the moments so i am keen to get them sorted asap and would prefer to get it done relatively local. I am in Macclesfield. Alex
1-4 of 4 Results