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    Shamelessly nicked from another forum , but a bit of fun cause i'm bored waiting for a customer who may or may not arrive (obviously i don't have a life and have nothing better to do at the weekend than wait on him) The Idea is post pics of any parts or interesting stuff you've got recently...
  2. The MX-5/Roadster: FAQ's
    Just got paid? Money burning a hole in your pocket? Don't trust the Banks? Spend it! Here is a constantly updated list of known MX5 Roadster parts & service suppliers. Most of the Japanese suppliers will require Google Translate or similar, or find a friend who can read/speak JDM. If you have...
  3. Detailing
    Hello guys, I need a pot of Mariner blue for my car, I saw a thred the other day with a link to a supplier who did 40ml pots for not too much money, but I can't find it again now. Can anyone help please? I am located Hampshire if that helps? Paul
  4. The MX-5/Roadster: FAQ's
    A-Toy Bodykits ( Abflug ( ) Active Motoring Syle Admiration Advance Air Walker ( All Round Alles Create A.M.S. Group...
1-4 of 6 Results