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  1. Interior
    I've bought a harness bar but I can't see how this is meant to work. It was 2nd hand so I don't know the brand, so I can't find fitting instructions online. Hopefully someone here can help. The TR Lane harness bars, and similar designs that fit to the seatbelt towers, have a flat bit at the end...
  2. Interior
    Seatbelts extenders for MX-5 Mk1/Mk2 Finally got the first set from the mass production! These seatbelts extenders are perfect to prevent the seatbelts to get stuck between the seats and the rear wall. They will stay on the top of your shoulders and simply make your life easier! They are made...
  3. Interior
    I know it's a common problem on the Mk3 that the seatbelt's dont retract very well into the housing. But has anyone actually found/made a fix for this?
  4. General Car Chat
    Didn't realise the the seat belt stalks were connected to the seats themselves in my MK2, and I'm trying to fit the lovely Sparcos into my car. And have removed the stock seats, along with the stalks - any ideas guys?
  5. Wanted
    Afternoon folks. Just wondering if anyone has the pieces of trim that cover the seatbelt towers, that have the holes in them for the captive nuts that the hardtop latches bolt onto? in nice clean condition as well, that would be laaaaavly :D just leave a comment here or pm me and we can sort...
  6. Interior
    Hi all I seem to be too tall for my car, with a stock seat and belt, the top of the seatbelt (behind the seat) is lower down than my shoulder and pulls it down all the time. This is really uncomfortable, there must be loads of other people that have had this problem? How can I fix this? I...
1-6 of 6 Results