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  1. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    My car is used mostly for commuting, with some fast road use once a week (and hopefully track days once i have the money). Currently i run Willains 4 point harnesses, rollbar (not a stylebar) and Magnum bucket seats with a factory Nardi wheel with airbags (same stuff for driver and passenger...
  2. For Sale Ads
    Hi Guys, I bought this Hard Dog M2 back in 2013 but never got around to fitting it. It has been stored in my garage ever since, but I could really do with freeing up the space ready for Spring. Hard Dog make about the best Roll Bars on the market, with most of the other bars around being copies...
  3. Wanted
    Guys, following a near miss on the motorway last week I am looking for a roll bar for my MK2.5 either TR Lane or Hard Dog. I don't have the funds for a brand new one so if anyone has one for sale, please PM me, thanks!
  4. Wanted
    Hey there, I'm looking for the mazdaspeed style bar, doesn't matter which version (pure style bar, or rollbar-ish that bolt on the chassis), color doesn't matter (chrome or black), with a preference for the black one. I'm looking for another mazdaspeed style bar, in black (£100 to £140...
  5. Interior
    There's loads of roll bars available for the mx5, but I decided to buy one i found on eBay from a company 5race. Wasn't sure if anyone else has put a thread up about the bar so this is a kind of review i guess? PRO's -Its cheap..ish I paid £250 for it delivered from mainland to Northern...
  6. Interior
    Hello MX-5 enthusiasts, Recently a professional (stainless steel) welder offered to build me a roll bar for my 91' Miata if I could give him some basic dimensions to start with before we start measuring our selves. Now I have searched trough all roll bar related topics on this forum and many...
  7. eBay/Internet finds
  8. Interior
    I have been speaking to Jass about his hard top brackets, and although he thinks they will fit he is not 100% so thought it best to ask the forum. Does anyone know if they will fit with a roll bar? Preferably the TR Lane GPV as I will be installing one in about a months time. So if no one knows...
  9. MX-5 / Roadster Vids
    Might be of interest to some folk. Or, it might just reignite the stylebar / rollbar argument.
  10. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    guys i have this roll bar and no 1 can tell me which it is, i know its a awesome strong bar and you can fold the top down with a glass window help please
  11. Exterior
    I treated the car (MK1) to a mohair roof which I bought complete on a MK2 frame however when putting the roof up the central bar of the roof hits the roll bar... So should the roof brace bar fit over the top of the roll bar- so it's directly above it? It's not so bad that I haven't been able...
  12. Interior
1-12 of 20 Results