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  1. Members Rides
    Back in 2007 I bought a NC 1.8 Icon in Storm Blue. By 2008 I traded that in for a Galaxy Grey 2.0 Sport as I intended to Supercharge it so wanted to start with the top of the range model. Long story short I had it Cosworth Supercharged but after a log and painful story I sold it. I am sure a...
  2. For Sale Ads
    My car is up for sale as I wish to find a lovely RX7 FD to tickle me. Wish I could keep it as well. But It's time to move on. I have had the car for over 5 years. From which I brought a bog standard MX5 and slowly over the years turned it into a weapon to which some of you may already know. The...
  3. Spotted!
    Saw a mk1 in red with a BGW, heavily modified (exhaust etc.) and huge "Got Rice?" sticker up the windscreen in Lichfield last week on St. John's Street (leaving town, heading towards the traffic lights/Ford garage). Anyone on here? Good to see a modified MX in Lichfield and would be interested...
  4. Members Rides
    Hi all, Will be using this to mainly keep a track of things I do to my new toy. Had the car for over a month now and it's my second car, I have a Yaris T Sport as my daily. This is how it looked when I first got it, after a good clean of course! I'm not massively comfortable doing...
  5. General Car Chat
    Well, after being a muppet and not putting suncream on yesterday, spending a morning/lunch outside then 3 hours driving home in the afternoon because of bloody traffic jams, I am now as red as the car :( As Captain Mainwaring would say, stupid boy!! I need a hat, but what do people wear to...
  6. Members Rides
    So here i have my red mk1. iv had it for just over a year and a phone with all my photos was run over so this is a quick catch up to where it is now with a lot of photos missing. so i'll start with the pics of it when it was advertised
  7. Members Rides
    After looking for a fair while and having to sell my previous car (Civic Diesel), I saw this pop up on autotrader and went to have a look one evening last week, it needed a couple of minor things sorting but I came home with it! :)
  8. Spotted!
    Flashed and waved from the 2CV - I was heading north to Lavenham for big sis' wedding, you were heading south. Looked just like mine!
  9. Members Rides
    Thought it was about time i started a build thread! I bought a 1997 mk1 late uk spec Mx5 back in April. with the intentions of it just being a fun car to drive in the summer and for me to learn on. Being 17 when i bought it insurance was crazy so i waited a couple of months until i got a year...
  10. Spotted!
    Gorgeous red Mk1, very low, loud, shiny, dished alloys, seen every weekday evening approx 6/7pm driving through Knaphill (Woking. Surrey). Thumbs up :thumb-up: Would acknowledge you but in daily 320D.
  11. Spotted!
    Red mk1 with purple hard top and a green mk2 in the car park of boulder brighton sunday afternoon (about 3) anybody on here? i was the white mk1 that would have been parked when you came in.
  12. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    I went to look at a red mk1 on a G plate last night. It was described as very clean with a little mark on the bottom edge. She wanted £1200 for it. I know should would take less but I turned the car down. It was very clean overall, however the arches were just starting to go and the sills, well...
  13. General Car Chat
    Afternoon, Does anyone know if you can get a Full Silicone Hose set for the 2.5? I know MX5Parts sell a silicone hose set but that only consists the four main hoses, an upper and lower radiator hose, and one each of the two heater hoses. I was just curious if you could buy complete sets? which...
  14. General Car Chat
    I am just curious about the true value of this car.... Mk1 1996 1.8iS mx5 only 3 owners Driven only short distances at one time Good points: 69,000 miles New coil pack last November New brake discs and pads front and rear Welded sills last month Runs smoothly Bad points: Faded paint...
  15. Members Rides
    Hi, Buying my 'little red' 5 has a bit of background... You see, there's a bit of a thing going on in my family with 5s... My dad (long-experienced car-doer who built an Austin '10 from the ground up) decided it would be a laugh to buy a Mariner Blue 5 with his 'pocket money'. The one he bid...
  16. Spotted!
    Slammed red mk1 sitting at the lights on Union Street, "get wet" sticker next to the fuel cap and a black hard top. I was the guy sat a car back in the silver mk3. Anyone on here? Scott
  17. Spotted!
    Very low red mk1 with a GV lip, hard top, roof spoler with black and polished alloys leaving Chieveley over the A34 towards Hermitage. At 8:30 am on 20th March Very tidy little motor. Is this another nutter?
  18. Interior
    There's loads of roll bars available for the mx5, but I decided to buy one i found on eBay from a company 5race. Wasn't sure if anyone else has put a thread up about the bar so this is a kind of review i guess? PRO's -Its cheap..ish I paid £250 for it delivered from mainland to Northern...
1-18 of 46 Results