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  1. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    I was planning on scrapping my 2004 1.8 Euphonic due to the amount of rust on the body if anyone want any parts I would be willing to let them have them for a fair price or take the car off my hands completely for a fair price engine has done nearly 140k and still runs well been sat for a few...
  2. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Took my MX5 to the local garage to get an oil leak checked out, they’ve told me i need to buy a new Cambox for them to sort it. Can anyone recommend anywhere to buy one from? Also need a new dipstick & guide too if anyone can help me with that. Thanks
  3. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi everyone! I am looking for a set of Driveshafts which are the bolt-on flange type. but it must be the 80mm space between hole centres for special editions as mine is a 1.8L V-Special 1993
  4. For Sale Ads
    All parts are for collection from Stockport. May be persuaded to post smaller items at buyer's cost. Pictures of everything below. Car is being broken, so if you want something you don't see, let me know. Classic red doors. Recently resprayed. Inc windows, motors etc - £100 pair Black door...
  5. For Sale Ads
    Also advertised on Gumtree Chrome style bar & wind deflector for Mk1/Mk2. £30 each, or £50 for the pair. Collection only from Stockport area.
  6. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi i'm having some trouble at the moment, i am going to be rebuilding my engine completely as one of the bottom end bearing has started to wear and make noise, so i may be looking to buy a new crankshaft if that has packed up too however, i can only find 1.6 ones being sold that are for the 90...
  7. For Sale Ads
    So with moving house, and just giving the garage a clear out, thought I'd get rid of some of the spares from the last year or so of the project cars. Will accept reasonable offers from prices listed. Mk1 1.8 ECU: £25 1.8 BPU2 ECU. 1.6 Mk1 ECU: £30 Carpet set: Main floor carpet, along...
  8. For Sale Ads
    Replacement rear quarter panels bought from Eurocratparts - £75 each Rear lights - £20 NB Mk2 heater controls (without A/C switch) - £15 Orange bumper reflectors - £10 Boot/fuel release levers - £5 Rubber door stops - £5 Dimmer Switch #2 - £10 Fog light switch - £10 Eicher pads front & rear...
  9. Exterior
    Hi All, As I keep adding little upgrades for my MK2 I'm more and more interested in getting things period correct, weird I know. Anyway, I've got a JDM '98 Mk2 and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find old japanese parts catalogues, like the items that would be have available from...
  10. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    I'm having my engine rebuilt and to keep costs down I'm trying to get the parts sent out here from the UK. The list below is what I'm after, I've had a look on MX5 parts and they don't have it all in stock so I need to have a look around. Would also appreciate any recommendations for parts...
  11. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    hi names dean from portsmouth but now living in cyprus due to my job im looking for a turbo manifold t25/t28 and other bits and bobs for my build so if any of you have stuff knocking around let me know
  12. General Car Chat
    Hey new to the forum, been lurking for a week reading threads and getting some ideas, but i thought id join up say hi and maybe get some help along the way :). So i just got my first car, picked up a Nevada last week and it's amazing, my mates gave me nothing but hate saying its a womens car...
  13. The MX-5/Roadster: FAQ's
    Anyone have, or know of any .pdf parts manuals, whole or perhaps just engine(s) for Mk 11 . Web search seems to come up with very little? Tony
  14. Events and Motorsport
    WHEN? Sunday 3rd August THIS SUNDAY!! WHERE? Imex Business Park Fisher Street Dudley Tipton DY4 8XE TIME? 11am all day WHAT? bring along your jap related cars, parts, goodies and accessories to swap and sell with others! excellent opportunity exchange/ swap/ sell and buy japanese related...
  15. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    Hi guys, I am brand new to this forum. Recently bought a Mk2.5 MX-5, my first car of this type. It is 2004, and as expected, is suffering from corrosion on the underside. It had some undersill work done recently, and that isn't too bad. My Dad is currently removing the rear nearside wheel to...
  16. Problems
    Hi all, i have a 2.5 1.8 sport on a 2003, i need to get the rear arches sorted for the summer and the local body shop ives used over the years and trust say a need new rear wings, does anyone know where i could get them from or if there is a cheeper way?? many many thanks
1-17 of 27 Results