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  1. Spotted!
    Had the Mk1 for 2 months now, but after all the fixing only took it out for a 'proper' drive last Sunday. Saw a sweet looking white Mk1 in Newcastle - Any one on here? It looked class!
  2. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hi Another Geordie, Got my 5 about a month ago now its still standard at the moment however i have Alot of plans for it. Ill post a photo of it below! Its a 1.6 2002 NB and I love it however i cannot wait to start modifying it a little bit! many other 5's round Newcastle? Also if anyone is...
  3. Social events
    Hi Everyone as there is literally no Recent posts for a MX5 meet in Tyne And Wear area, Newcastle-ish i thought id make one, I'm based in Newcastle however i live away and want to meet some of the 5 community when I'm home, if anyone is interested id like to organize a meet in the first or...
1-3 of 4 Results