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  1. For Sale Ads
    A rare Nardi wheel from my second mk1 RS LTD. I was keeping this for a project, no longer required. The wheel is rare because it's a smaller diameter Nardi than stock fitted to MX5s. Made specifically for the RS Limited. Included in the sale is the boss. Sold as seen. £125
  2. Wanted
    Hi all, Looking for a Nardi leather gear knob, as fitted to the mk1 S-Special and RS-Ltd Thanks! Joel
  3. Wanted
    Looking to restore my RS LTD Currently Interested in the following: carbon-kevlar Recaro seats Thanks to everyone who helped me source everything, pretty much back to stock now! apart from the Recaros.... Got any of the above for sale? lets talk!
  4. Interior
    Got a Nardi Deep corn 350mm and DW quick release on my other car and i'm going to be striping the parts to put on the MAZDA. I'm thinking about switching this to the NB but my question is what would be the best steering boss to use. NRG Short Boss or Works bell Short Boss? The Works Bells is a...
  5. Interior
    Hi. I'd like to remove my Nardi Classico wheel from the boss without removing the boss from the car. I have another Nardi to bolt onto the hub. Is it as straightforward as just prising off the ring around the horn assembly, unbolting the original wheel, then bolting on the replacement?
  6. eBay/Internet finds This looks like a good base for a restoration project. Might be worth asking the seller for pics of the typical rusty spots. Other than that, looks like it just needs some TLC? Might be a bargain for someone.
  7. Wanted
    Hi Looking for a Mk2.5 Airbag to fit Nardi three spoke steering wheel. Must be near London area. Please PM. Cheers
  8. Interior
    Hi guys and gals This weekend i was messing with the car rolling the arches putting new wheels on it looks great. I get in the car and the gearknob just looks at me. it looks abit sorry for its self and lets the entire car down just look at it The varnish has vanished, cracked and the leather...
  9. Members Rides
    So after buying a Eunos auto 1.8 I decided I couldn't go without a manual. So whilst the auto will be a donor for some parts I'm going to currently add to the great work that's been done to this car. Pics below! Hopefully will attend some meets in it next year.
  10. How do I...
    I had an issue with my mk2 10ae where the gear knob was spinning on the shaft, without moving up the threads. There is some information online, but it's fairly scattered so figured I would put what I found in one place in case it helps someone. Note: this is based on a mk2 10ae Nardi gear knob...
1-10 of 38 Results