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    Ive been on here for a good while now and thought it was about time I spent even more of my time on here and started a build thread. This is it when I bought it last October time. Some of you might recognise it The reason for buying this was not its looks but the work done to it. The...
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    Hey all, I just rediscovered a video I made of my Mk1 Turbo from a while back. I Did it to test out me Go Pro and it's suction mount thing. Turned out ok! The suction mount didnt fall off and the video I shot was edited together into this little piece. Check it out! LINKY Cheers A
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    I'm running a 1.6 with a garret t3 and jackson racing electronics. Iv'e built and fitted a 5th injector. I don't have a megasquirt etc fitted, but i'm trying to fuel higher boost levels without flooding out lower rev's and lower boost levels. The fifth injector comes in with a boost switch at...
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    Hey Guys! I recently bought a 1.8 Turbo from Simon TCV on here. It is a Garrett T25 Turbo from a Rover 220 Turbo. On getting the car back, it appears the manifold is a cheapo Ebay jobbie and is cracked. I have been speaking to Chris (Greendrifter) about making me a new manifold which he has...
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    I've decided I need more drama in my life so am opting for a turbo over the proposed MP62 supercharger. Before I commit my hard earned cash… 1) What engine size are you? 2) What turbo are you running? 3) What PSI? 4) What RPM does it fully...
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    right im going to bite the bullet and buy some forged pistons but what cr do i need and will i need a oversize hg ????
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    Mazda Eunos (import) 1.6 Manufactured 1991 Imported and Registered in UK 1998
1-7 of 7 Results