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  1. Problems
    Hi Folks! My long term MX5 is refusing to start. If I outline the fault and what I've checked, could anyone throw some ideas my way? The car cranks just fine, but won't fire. I've checked for spark and there isn't one, (3 month old plugs) so figured it's the coil packs. I swapped them for a...
  2. Problems
    Hi - Can anybody assist with this problem. I have had the battery disconnected while working on the car. Connected up again and CD player showed CODE. I have the code and as I followed the instructions in the handbook about pressing 2 buttons together for 2 seconds etc the head unit displayed...
  3. Wanted
    I'm after a 01-05 Mk2.5 S-VT in Silver black or any other dark colour but not red. Soft roof optional, I have a spare, wheels and tyres too. Hard top a bonus. PM me Sam
  4. Members Rides
    Right, After checking out marvs mx5 Iv gon and purchased something for the summer, its a mk 2.5 mx5 in silver on a 53 plate. im new to this whole posting a thred thing so appologies if the pics dont work :/ this is the car as sold to me ...
1-4 of 4 Results