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  1. For Sale Ads
    ITB Mazdaspeed (Car Number MS11-20145) B-Spec Stage-II Gallery: ITB Power Run (can't find original, reddit is what you get): Trackday YouTube: Couple things: I want to get this bit out of the way first - This car has been recorded as a Cat C...
    £9,250 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for mk1 mx5 Mazdaspeed side skirts. Open to carbon miata copies either. I'm in Southern Ireland so must be willing to courier, at my expense. Just thought I'd check if anyone selling before I buy new. Thanks, David.
  3. Wanted
    Before I end up going through the hassle of importing a pair of Mazdaspeed seats from Japan, is anybody in the UK selling some? Either in black or red? Any help will be much appreciated! Cheers
  4. Members Rides
    So, I'm back at the table for my 3rd 5, but my first mk1. It's a 94' Eunos Roadster 1.8 Mazdaspeed B-Spec Stage 2, won in a Facebook bonus ball raffle for £20.00! Not bad since it included a raft of spare parts. The cars been a daily/drift car for the previous owner and is in some serious need...
  5. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi I recently installed a chrome 4 point mazdaspeed roll bar and i have a few issues i'll list down below: 1. My hardtop is touching the roll bar at the corners and rubs causing paint to rub of the hardtop 2. It also rubs on my soft top as well 3. I also can't latch my side latches as the...
  6. Wanted
    I'm looking for a 5.125:1 final gear. I know, it's very hard to find because it's a discontinued Mazda Motorsports item. But I try :thumb-up2:
  7. Wanted
    Hi Folks, As above I'm looking for either a Mazdaspeed front splitter, Mazdaspeed front bumper or racing beat front bumper. Genuine parts only no replica stuff. I might be open to other aftermarket bumpers. The only one I don't like is the gv type 1. So hit me up with what you have.
  8. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hey Guys, I've this lying around and a fellow MX5 crazy person told me its a Mazdaspeed Miata open plate diff. Does anyone have more information about this...? I paid shit load of money a year back but never investigated it.. thanks for your help! Cheers Coen
  9. Wanted
    Hey there, I'm looking for the mazdaspeed style bar, doesn't matter which version (pure style bar, or rollbar-ish that bolt on the chassis), color doesn't matter (chrome or black), with a preference for the black one. I'm looking for another mazdaspeed style bar, in black (£100 to £140...
  10. MX-5 / Roadster Vids
    Not exactly MX5.. Normal.
  11. Members Rides
    Couldn't stay away lol.... I loved my RX8 but couldn't justify using it daily and begrudged it sitting there 6 days a week. So it went last autumn and I went on the hunt for a new motor. Needed to be: RWD (cause racecar) Japanese (cause ricecar) Simple to run and maintain Looked at lots of...
  12. Problems
    Knew I should have left my car at home this morning (it is the 13th, after all)... A minor altercation with some scenery has left me with this hole punched through my fibreglass Mazdaspeed front bumper: Three obvious questions. 1) Can it be repaired? 2) Who can I go to to get the job done...
  13. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Finally got around to spending a bit of time on the long neglected Mazda. Over the last year or so I have collected; mazdaspeed mirror cover, Mazdaspeed knee rests, mazdaspeed front strut bar and an aem intake. So today I spent the day fitting it all a desmegging the interior. The strut brace...
1-13 of 43 Results