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  1. Events and Motorsport
    Hi Everyone, I have a slot booked with a garage for Brands Hatch on the 7th of December with the company Mazda on Track. Having to sell due due to a death in the family and thus I wont be able to make it. I've been the phone to Mazda on track and they have said that I just need to let them...
  2. Events and Motorsport
    This time the Outer and Eastern Circuit. :dinosaur: 11th April
  3. Events and Motorsport
    A few photos from today, apologies for the amateurish quality with my 2nd eBay camera purchase. Feel free to add your own photos from today. PS what were track conditions like if & when the track was eventually cleared of the oil slick in the afternoon...
  4. Events and Motorsport
    13th July. Only 10 places left at Cadwell, so also only 10 chances to get Oulton for £120 too. Cadwell and Oulton are two of the great circuits in the UK, Unlike Silverstone, Snetterton, Mallory, Croft and all the other airfield derived circuits they have gradient changes that make them both...
  5. Events and Motorsport
    The ever popular Blyton Park on Saturday 14th September with Mazda on Track. £129.
  6. Events and Motorsport
    Well my car will be in the body shop so ill be driving the SR2 or stealing rodders car (he doesn't know yet) who coming ? I'm driving up in the 330D and will be bring a set of wheels to test.
  7. Events and Motorsport
    Rare Summer Saturday. Snetterton 300 Circuit, August 10th. Full open pit lane. Free second driver, free passenger. £30 discount for the first 20 bookings using the discount code EARLYBIRD :thumb-up:
  8. Events and Motorsport
    Snetterton 300 This well known Norfolk circuit has undergone a multi million pound development over the winter 2011 with the resultant 300 circuit adding seven new corners ensuring that getting the right line to carry speed down the straights is now even more demanding. Epic track and a truely...
  9. Events and Motorsport
    Nick at Mazda on Track has just offered Nutzers a discount code for his Snetterton track day on 10 Aug. The discount is worth £50 and reduces the price to £199 - just enter "NUTZ13" when booking on the website. Be quick though as the discount is only valid until 31 July.
  10. Events and Motorsport
    Skunk, Froadel and myself are going to be there. I believe Rodders will be there as well. Anyone else coming along?
1-10 of 11 Results