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  1. For Sale Ads
    Advertised on eBay Driver and passenger seats from my 1990 Roadster Import. They are a very dark blue colour (almost black) fabric. Speakers inside headrests have been replaced with better ones. Slight pulled thread on drivers backrest (see photos) otherwise great condition. £120 - collection...
  2. Events and Motorsport
    2018 CALENDAR - MAX5 RACING CHAMPIONSHIP PEMBREY (21/04 - 22/04/18) SNETTERTON (06/05 - 07/05/18) ANGLESEY (26/05 - 27/05/18) MALLORY PARK (04/08 - 05/08/18) CADWELL PARK (08/09 - 09/09/18) ROCKINGHAM (22/09 - 23/09/18) DONINGTON PARK (29/09/18) BRANDS HATCH (27/10 - 28/10/18) More...
  3. Events and Motorsport
    Hi guys. Just thought I'd start a thread off for Snetterton next weekend. The Splodgemobile will be there from Friday afternoon onwards complete with Avantigas sponsorship! I'll try not to break my fingers here like I did in March :doh:. Rich
  4. Events and Motorsport
    Oulton is nearly upon us! Looks like we're using the Island circuit which is disappointing (we better be doing Hizzy's chicane!), but at least it'll be an action packed day with everything on the Saturday: If anyone wants to...
  5. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    While at the Blyton bash at the weekend I also did a little Photoshoot with Roddisons Max 5 Racing car - I had a full 7 minutes with the car before the track was due to re-open! No pressure then! Here's the result: Roddisons MAX5 Car by, on Flickr
  6. Events and Motorsport
    Well, the new season is upon us! Just over a month to go until everything kicks off again at Donington. It was a superb meeting last year, with quite a few newbies taking part and a packed grid. Who's gonna be on the grid then? Mk1s: AdamR BigG Seb (TFR_81) Mk3s: Rodders Jezza John...
  7. Events and Motorsport
    The last round of this year ( :( ) falls at Silverstone in a month or so. Both Mk1 and Mk3 titles are in the bag but I'm sure the racing will be just as competitive as normal! Quali on Saturday and both races on Sunday: - AND we have...
  8. Events and Motorsport
    Just submitted my entry for Thruxton, looking forward to driving a new (to me) track :thumb-up: Looks like it's a bit of a 'hang on for dear life' one but should be good for slipstreaming... Who else is going then? Mk3: Mk1s: Adam R
  9. Events and Motorsport
    Last Meet of the Season I heard on the grapevine - we could have alot of interest on this one. Wonder if my chuckle brother will make the last one
  10. Events and Motorsport
    Hello all, This is maybe a bit premature as there's still 2 months to go, but I can already feel the excitement building amongst the drivers for the first race of the season We have lots of new guys joining us this year so the grids will be nice and full, ensuring close and exciting racing...
  11. Events and Motorsport
    Tune in today to Motors TV to see the Max5 racers belting round Donington! Starts at 1.30. I won't be watching though cos I'll be there!!! Good luck chaps!
  12. Events and Motorsport
    Rockingham entries need to be in and paid before 8 May. Timetable has changed as of 24 April. So, who's entered so far then? Mk3s: JeremyH Jon Cryer Jeremy Shipley Ian Loversidge Mk1s: As usual, if anyone wants tickets, pop your...
  13. Events and Motorsport
    Snetterton 300 This well known Norfolk circuit has undergone a multi million pound development over the winter 2011 with the resultant 300 circuit adding seven new corners ensuring that getting the right line to carry speed down the straights is now even more demanding. Epic track and a truely...
  14. Events and Motorsport
    Well a fair few missed Rockingham; hopefully better weather will be on the cards for Mallory in June. So who's planning on lining up on the grid for this round? (I know its 4 weeks away, but Tom's itching to get out again) Mk1 Tom Collins/ Paul Collins Mk3
  15. Events and Motorsport
    Just 4 weeks to go until the next double-header at Anglesey - 2 qualifying sessions and 2 races on 2 different tracks, it's going to be a good un! We also tend to have a meal at a local restaurant on the Saturday night, and this year there's some Karting on Friday - details in the other thread...
  16. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    The new 2013-14 Race Car I was over the moon to be asked to a photoshoot with the new car prior to its unveiling at the Blyton OC trackday a couple of weeks ago! Here's the results: Roddisons Motorsport by, on Flickr Roddisons Motorsport by, on Flickr [/url]...
1-16 of 16 Results