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  1. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi I've fitted the AEM Wideband Lambda and Gauge. Everything is in place apart from the wire into the ECU. It will be set to NB and I'd like to wire directly into the standard ECU. I've searched for this and been unable to find a definitive answer, please can someone confirm I've read the wiring...
  2. Wanted
    Does anyone have a 4-wire O2 lambda sensor that they know is working? Thanks.
  3. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi everyone, basically looking at getting the cobalt cat back system for my k-reg import and i just have a few questions. First of all should i run it with a decat pipe? will it be illegal for me to run it with a decat pipe (its a daily driver)? Also what is a lambda sensor blanking plug and...
  4. Problems
    Hi All, Shortly after buying my 1999 NB, a coilpack went and for about a week I intermittently had that nasty miss-fire on start that only starts up 2 cylinders for a few minutes. Car was due for an MOT so I had the coilpack changed at the same time and now starts fine. I was under the...
  5. Problems
    Hey all, I've had my 5 since January and I love it. What I don't like is the little orange light of terror that keeps appearing on my dashboard. I booked it in to the main dealers about a month ago and it came back with error p0421, precat not running at temperature, and according the mechanic...
  6. Mechanical & Electrical
    Guys, can the Lambda sensor be changed in situ? I have a Begi down pipe and its about half way down, don't really want to have to undo all the turbo elbow/downpipe nuts etc and drop the exhaust. Cheers.
  7. How do I...
    Hi, Can anyone advise how I replace the number 1 front 02 sensor on an MX5 MK2.5 (2001 reg)? Thanks
1-7 of 8 Results