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  1. For Sale Ads
    Hello All, Some of you may remember me, I've not been an active member for about 2 years + but I am in a position where it is time to move on. I've had it 6 years now and while there are a few niggly bits that need doing to it to bring it up to scratch. I would estimate £400 would get it...
  2. Wanted
    I've successfully killed my front left Koni when I hit a curb today....the car got Koni coilover kit and the fuckex one has a sticker on it with a part number of...I'll check it....
  3. Wanted
    Hi all, I'm going to buy some coilover sleeves for my Koni Sports and some high poundage springs. (400F and 250R). Does anyone have any for sale? I am going to get the shocks revalved before anyone highlights the potential shitness of doing this to stock shocks. Ta Andy
  4. Reviews
    Just wanted to share my experience with Shaun at SP Suspension. Really helpful every time i have called and went above and beyond to get my shocks where i wanted them to be. I can't comment on the workmanship as they are not on the car yet but given the reputation, i would be surprised if they...
  5. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    Has anybody used these, or even managed to get some in the UK? I have the Koni sport shocks with the 3 perch adjustment which I like, but I'd quite like to try some different spring rates (have no idea what the Koni supplied springs are!) and be able to tweak my ride heights to "perfect". Koni...
1-5 of 7 Results