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  1. For Sale Ads
    For sale the older version of the J&S Safeguard. Standalone knock sensing device, retards timing when there's a knock event, advances back when no knock in steps. Wiring indtruction and original knock sensor included. Location: Hungary Price: 85£ posted Pics to follow About J&S...
  2. Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a J&S unit idealy an Ultrasafeguard with gauge but I am open to buy the earlier unit as well if the price is right. Let me know if you have one knocking arround. Thanks, Peter
  3. Wanted
    Hi everyone! I am after this outdated knock sensor device. I still believe in them... I am interested in the Ultrasafeguard version which has onboard map sensor etc Cash is waiting.... :wave2: Gee
  4. Servicing
    I replaced my front discs and pads last year and on one side I forgot to put the anti rattle spring on the pads. I've recently noticed that if I drive a short way and then brake I can often hear a knocking sound as the pad re-engages with the disc. This doesn't seem to cause any issue when...
  5. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    OK, I know I've made some posts about this before but I hope this will give enough info to find the cause of the problem or at least give me some more things to look at. My NB has had a knock from the front left as long as I've owned it. When turning the wheel to the right, usually near full...
  6. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi All, I'm just wondering, when advancing ignition when tuning, would it be safe to say that you would reach MBT before knock or would this not be the case? Only reason I ask is I was told by someone who does rolling road tuning that if you tuned for MBT you wouldn't need to worry about knock...
  7. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    I've searched and feel like I've read at least half of the internet. And still not sure I've got an answer I'd like . I've got MSPNP (version 2) laying on my table which I will be installing into my '94 1.8 Eunos. Obviously I will need some means of both listening to knock when mapping and...
  8. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    MS3 offers full knock windowing. However I haven't the first clue of how to set it up, or how to tune it. Setting this up properly will hopefully make detonation detection that more reliable on our cars. Also hopefully the settings should be pretty universal engine to engine. Here is the link...
1-8 of 8 Results