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  1. Problems
    I know there are plenty of threads on this subject. I've read quite a few them. Yet the problem persists. Here's what I've got so far. '95 Eunos 1.6 pretty well standard under the bonnet. Came to it for it's monthly run up last month (coldest day of the year). Ran for about 30 seconds then...
  2. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi all! So I'm also going turbo :drool: As I go step by step, now I ordered some nice Flow Force 640cc EV14 Injectors that go into my N/A 94' 1.8. I am using the base map provided my ME at the moment which runs pretty good. As I understand, after I install the new injectors I have to adjust...
  3. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hello. I've been looking into getting Toda high power cams for an upcoming project. This is a 1.8 NA MX-5 i'm talking about. I know that the injectors and ecu will have to be upgraded in order to get the air/fuel ratio balanced (seeing as more air will be getting sucked in) but i'd like some...
  4. For Sale Ads
    1.8 Mini M45 Supercharger Setup from a '94 mk1, £1300 collected from BR1. Just add management, clutch and air filter. When you see what's included you'll get a lot for your money! This setup on my '94 1.8 yielded 174whp at Skuzzle, with one of the straightest power lines you'll see. Box of...
  5. Wanted
    Hi, Does anyone have a set of working 1.8 tan top mk1 injectors? Cheers
  6. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    I have decided to change from my supercharger to an ITB set-up and am gathering all the required parts. With the supercharger I installed yellow rx8 injectors to keep up with the increased fuel requirements. Now I am changing to itb's I am wondering if there is any significant benefit in...
  7. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Was looking into injectors and what would fit other than rx8 one's. Couldn't find much at all on here so i put my trust in the almighty google. I was not dissapointed. This is a very good guide i came across with loads of info on the injectors you'll need for your mx5, hope it helps a few...
  8. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    There has to be some injectors gurus on here. Can anyone identify these for me, apparently they are from a Surpa, can someone confirm this and help me find their CC? The only writing on them is "P110 BAH".
  9. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    I know several folk here use or have used ex-Supra 312cc maroon top injectors. Can anyone recommend good figures for both the dead time and the battery voltage correction for these injectors? I've been running around for ages with settings of 1.06ms and 0.25ms/V respectively, which I think I...
  10. Wanted
    after some rx7 550cc injectors for a turbo conversion. can anyone help me out???
  11. Wanted
    after looking on ebay for a few weeks now I still havent been able to find some injectors suitable for my turbo set up. anyone got some for sale???
  12. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    Hi all Which injectors are used in a bog standard BBR turbo? I have a Dec '93 registered 1.6 with the 'standard' BBR kit from 1992 bolted on. Looking at this pic there doesn't seem to be any injectors included... So I guess it's the normal blue...
  13. Wanted
    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had a set of 4 supra green top injectors for sale? I'd prefer if they had new o-rings and had been flow tested but would consider ones that need this doing. I've got some yellow stuffs but would prefer not to mess around with resistors. Cheers
  14. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Howdy peeps, Picked up my 1992 Mk1 Eunos Roadster yesterday. whilst poking about i noticed that the injectors are Blue top which according to these are NA RX7 440cc. But as far as i know the car is standard, will these injectors even work on standard management? or is it a case...
  15. Wanted
    As above.... does anyone have any of the little plastic spacers that go inbetween the fuel rail and the head? I managed to loose one while changing my injectors
  16. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    just found this site and thought it may be of some use to someone so posted it up
1-16 of 16 Results