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  1. Your driving stories
    As well as my decent Mazda (1991 Eunos S Limited) I also have a new Mazda 6. Last week I reversed it into a wheelie bin. Stupid I know, and even more stupid that the wife saw me do it so I couldn't blame her. Anyway, the top of a wheelie bin ridge turns out to be more solid than a Mazda6 boot...
  2. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    So in my tired hungover state this morning my subconscious decided the top of the engine under tray and not the bottom was the correct position for jacking and before I realised what I was doing the radiator drain plug was taking some of the weight of the car (TWAT) Anywho, time for a new...
  3. General Car Chat
    Didn't realise the the seat belt stalks were connected to the seats themselves in my MK2, and I'm trying to fit the lovely Sparcos into my car. And have removed the stock seats, along with the stalks - any ideas guys?
  4. General Car Chat
    ... is what my girlfriend called me when I started laying out plans for the mx-5 on the weekend. She was intending on going down the turbo route when she owned the car, but she decided she wanted my Celica 190 t-sport, so she had it, and I have the mx-5... The thing is, I loved the noise the...
  5. General Car Chat
    As I am still recovering from the dreaded lurgi I sat and watched almost the whole series today. It should be required viewing for anybody thinking of building a kitcar - as how not to go about it. This guy with nitpicking intensity attention to pointless detail and bugger all idea of what he...
1-5 of 5 Results