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    One owner from new, but sadly my Gold Mk2 from June 1998 will not pass its MOT as in need of too much welding for me to deal with. Approx 103,000 on the clock. New soft top from The Softop Shop in Stockport approx 4 years ago. Would prefer someone to have it as a project rather than scrap it -...
  2. Members Rides
    Nutz, meet Maisey. I have owned Maisey for nearly a year now and with a couple of mods under my belt things are getting serious. With this in mind, I thought it best to document my feeble attempts, poor taste and lack of knowledge for you to generally mock and make fun off. Hopefully you'll...
  3. Gold
    Arms up elephants bums in first 5mins- thats enough of that oh dear now the poor guy got crapped on
  4. Gold
    Any more? Daz
  5. Gold
    ....looking longingly in my direction every morning near Coleford Bridge in Farnborough. Please buy you own 5, you can't have mine. -It's got to be the car, I'm old & ugly
  6. Members Rides
    I picked this up a few days ago. It's a Jap import and looks to have been well looked after. All stock as far as I can see although that will change a little. It's a 1.8 with 6 speed box. Could do with a new roof so that is planned for tomorrow and there is a big hole in the dash where...
  7. Gold
    Went to a party on Saturday and some random posted a picture on facebook (someone else showed me) of her over my bonnet with some caption along the lines of (check me out with the sports car). Part of me is like ..... hell yeah coz my car is b1tchin' Part of me is like ..... get the hell off...
  8. Gold
    Hi, anyone use sunbeds,going again this week. Last year got fantastic tan in 1month going 3 times a week for 6 mins a time.Never been before that , i know some do not like them but if carefull they work well.
1-8 of 12 Results