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  1. General Chat & Banter
    Hey all, any F1 fans in the house? Been getting the early preseason fix by reading autosport's live text comentry of testing on their website So far the new Mclaren-Honda is having similar running issues to Renualt last preseason, not too many radical ideas showing...
  2. General Car Chat
    Who will win F1 this year ??????? ...................... Think it's going to be an interesting season if Sunday's race is anything to go by !!!
  3. General Car Chat I think 2013 may have been my last season of bothering...
  4. Exterior
    Saw these a few times of the 'Items for sale' section, but they get snapped up so quickly.. and I'm not surprised! Anywhere where I can get these from? They look a million times better than the originals! Someone from the forum should group buy these or be a seller... :whistle:
  5. Entertainment
    That chef's a lucky lad! Tyrell at Monza! With JYS as tutor.
  6. Entertainment
    Welcome to nutzF1, the MX5Nutz fantasy Formula One competition. Team listings Australian GP results Malaysian GP results Chinese GP results Bahraini GP results Spanish GP results Monaco GP results Canadian GP results British GP results German GP results Hungarian GP results Belgian GP...
  7. General Car Chat Hmm... I have been looking forward to this, but that trailer was a bit disappointing... the racing scenes didn't look that good... What do you think?
  8. General Car Chat This is stretching my understanding slightly... but an interesting read.
1-8 of 8 Results