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  1. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hi everyone! Only just joined up but I've been using mx5nutz for info for a while now. Hoping to find any existing members near me as I've not lived in Essex long.
  2. Events and Motorsport
    Evening all! As always its our Essex monthly meet and this time it lands on Friday 3rd August. We used to go and eat in the 8Ball but it has since closed just before out last meet, so just as we did last time, we'll meet up at the 8 Ball in rivenhall, just off the A12 have a chat n' bullshit...
  3. Social events
    Ok , once again the time has come to get the show on the road .A couple of years ago we had a meet in Hawkhurst & it was great apart from the car park wasn't big enough. So how about a regular meet here;- http://www.facebook....thecarwashdiner the food here is great ! large car park could...
  4. Servicing
    Hi chaps, Anyone know of anywhere in the essex area that does a clutch change for a good price? I have a price of 245quid at the moment, however if i can save money by buying the clutch myself and just paying for the labour then this would be very handy. So if anyone knows of any place that...
1-5 of 5 Results