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  1. General Car Chat
    Hello fellow MX5ers ! My recent purchase 91 Eunos has a slipping clutch (among half a dozen of other problems) . First experience with an early NA6 after owning an 94 NA8 & 97 before... I feel like upgrading the 1.6 engine to a 1.8 size with lighter flywheel will be more durable choice, but...
  2. eBay/Internet finds V Cheap for four, free delivery too. Right for mk2.5s and some mk2s I believe :)
  3. eBay/Internet finds
    Coilover alternatives?
  4. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi guys, I'm pretty sure my alternator's on it's way out so am looking for a replacement. Since my car has cost me Liberia's deficit in repairs and upgrades recently I can live without £250 for a Mazda part and wondered whether a £90 eBay special (new!) would be a reasonable proposition or a...
  5. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    First ever post so sorry if I do anything noobie. Searching eBay for some cheap coilovers for my new 5 (first time owner and absolutely loving it!!!), and I came across these for about £190 delivered. Different to the usual racelands you see all the time...
  6. Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods
    So there is a new option for turbo manifolds and downpipes on ebay, looks to be a similar sort of dea to Sturovo, AKA including oil feed and return as well as gasket. I don't know a much about these things but it looks really good to me...
  7. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Just won a bbr t25 on ebay tjis afternoon, had my heart racing lol. Who was bidding against me for it? One of your auto bids went in on the last couple of seconds and made me freak out a little :laugh: Just hope now it's better than the last turbo i bought, wish me luck folks.
  8. Interior
    Hi, I'm looking for new heater control facia, mines cracked. Anybody know of somewhere I can get these in black?
  9. General Car Chat
    Got to share this. Picked up ebay bargain of the century. Power flow exhaust system and Hi flow 200 cell cat. £25 and a local pickup. Happy days. Have now got it on and it sounds fantastic
  10. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hello fellow 5ers.. I am starting this topic after some info I have to show you regarding my XTD 1.6 (200mm) 6 puck clutch disc.. These discs are known to have good grip and be cheap. They are being sold by an American guy (or company) called Aimco_clutch on the Ebay and are probably made in...
  11. General Car Chat
    Fellow inmates - greetings from this noob, I've just gone and bought a set of NA TA Technix on Fleabay for my 1991 ride. These are the single spring later model. Before everyone shoot me down for being a tight git, I dont even want to go down "what are they like". I've seen a few comments...
  12. eBay/Internet finds What do we think guys?
  13. General Chat & Banter
    just want to let everyone know that if they get an e-mail like this offering to pay through paypal. and the sender says he's a marine engineer, .... its some kind of scam. I was selling wheels on wheel whores and I got a private message that went something like this e-mail. the pic is of a...
  14. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi there, My mk1 Eunos on a 1991 started to leak power steering fluid just under reservoir where the rubber pipe goes to metal by inner wing. I took it off and cleaned it to reveal 3 pin holes, I've bodged it and looked for replacement to find a new is about £130. I don't want to go secondhand...
  15. eBay/Internet finds
    I want.... it is just a tad too much though haha
  16. eBay/Internet finds
    Just seen these BMW E30 BBS 15" alloys on the bay, no centre caps, but £70 looked a pretty good price (buy it now) compared to many I've seen recently...
  17. General Chat & Banter
    We sell stuff we no longer need on eBay. Children's clothes, toys etc. 90% of the sales go fine, we apply fair postage, do pick up for large items, as there is nearly always someone in.... Think we are good sellers. But.... Why are there always people who dick you around. Arrange pickups and...
  18. General Car Chat
    ....I'll let the picture do the talking. This is the supplied instructions with a Chinese eBay special turbo I saw today (Not mine!). Engrish is great! (OK I accept it's about a thousand times better than my none existent Chinese)
  19. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hey all! Sorry if its the wrong place to put this! But here i go! So, been looking into exhausts, and don't have a great deal of money but am wanting noise from my '5. I'm wanting a mx5 parts single exhaust & de-cat but don't have the money for a new one, so been looking about. Found these...
1-19 of 21 Results