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  1. For Sale Ads
    Hey guys, I've had a couple of VW TDIs while I've been restoring my FD. They make great dailies being cheap to run and maintain. The Passat is the nicest of the bunch, being based on an Audi A6 it's comfy as your favourite arm chair and has enough room to swing a pair of cats. This thing whofts...
  2. General Car Chat
    The first race of the new United SportsCar Championship is this weekend. Mazda are again backing the Speedsource team (they won the now defunct 2013 Grand-Am GX championship with the Mazda 6) with two Prototype class cars powered by 450 Bhp Skyactiv diesel engines. Coverage in the UK will be on...
  3. General Car Chat
    Hi all, Just looking for people's thoughts and opinions on doing a DPF delete on my daily. I drive an 07 BMW 325D M-Sport, and somebody has recommended a DPF delete. A look at the site where he had his done seems that this is extremely positive - No DPF failures, increased MPG, increased...
  4. Wanted
    after a runaround while the mx5 is off the road undergoing a serious resto help a fellow nutzer out!? cheers
1-4 of 6 Results