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    Hey guys, I've had a couple of VW TDIs while I've been restoring my FD. They make great dailies being cheap to run and maintain. The Passat is the nicest of the bunch, being based on an Audi A6 it's comfy as your favourite arm chair and has enough room to swing a pair of cats. This thing whofts...
  2. Members Rides
    Hi everyone, I have lurked on here for ages, but now getting to the point where I am happy with the car, so feel more at ease posting my progress! Here is it the way I purchased a few years back
  3. Members Rides
    Time for the second build thread in 3 months! This can only mean two things: 1. Rust 2. I'm addicted to Mx5's My first ever car was a Peugeot 106 1.1 Independance, I assume they called it the Indepdance as the electronics operated in a completely independant galaxy from the rest of the car...
  4. Members Rides
    Hello Mazda friends :) I'm Lewis, I had a shiny Celica but my dream car has always been a mk1 (dream big!) I've been properly searching for an Eunos in good shape since my friend lent me his for a week last summer. After viewing some pretty shocking ones (One so bad the bonnet held itself...
  5. Members Rides
    So bought my first ever MX-5 last year in May. She's a 1999 Sport, in the best colour in my opinion - bright red. Used her throughtout the summer last year and then took her on our annual Top Gear style camping trip to Wales. Here's a few pics of her when I picked her up last year and my Celica...
  6. Members Rides
    Hi guys, ive decided to move on from my mk1 :( ive picked up a blue mk2, which im hoping in the future will become turbo'd. My Mk1 blue... build thread: the new mk2 'blue v2'... found this one with a hartop for £1000, from an...
  7. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hello everyone! Iv been meaning to join Nutz for ages, having been an mx5 owner since last August I've spent plenty of time stalking the forums reading up on everyone's builds etc. I'm a full time Motorsport Engineering student in Swansea and I'm the proud owner of a '93 NA which has been...
  8. Members Rides
    Eventually got round to starting a project thread. Evening everyone, Some of you may recognise this car, Bought it from a lad on the forum. Its a 1990 mk1 1.6 import. This is my first rear wheel drive car and first Jap car. Coming from the french scene I was dubious about getting an mx5...
  9. Members Rides
    Thought id slap up a few pics of my newly aqquired eunos as I'm prouder than a new parent at the moment.... Picked her up the other day from manchester... Not much done to it pretty much factory with the exception of the mirrors.... Got a set of these as it came on some vomit inducing momos...
  10. Interior
    On long drives I have often wished that I had better lumbar support in the 5. Having looked about online and deciding that £120 for both seats was a bit steep I decided that I could come up with a cheaper solution. Here it is. Pump up lumbar support for £15 a seat. You will need per pair of...
  11. Members Rides
    So here we go, First of all I took off the number plate plinth because it looked awful. I then debadged the front (which unfortunately left a slightly different colour paint, oops) And then relocated the number plate with a cheapo relocator off of eBay Looking good!
  12. General Car Chat
    Righto, so heres the new car for while the mazda is off the road having a bit of an overhaul! and this does come with a question, im gunna swap over the mx5's insurance to this, and declare the mx5 sorn, is there anything else i need to do?
  13. Members Rides
    So this is my first mx 5 , it's a red 1.8 1998 uk model Standard at the moment which I'm not the biggest fan of to be honest :/ So I have got some plans for it but this is it up too now , just done a few bits of tinkering with it :)
1-13 of 14 Results