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  1. General Car Chat
    Sup y'all, Just wondering if anybody knows if there's a cruise in Southampton and when it usually happens. If it's not called a cruise in Southampton then what it basically is, is where a load of people get together, show off their mods, some guys drift others just drive around in circles...
  2. Spotted!
    Just pulling out of my road today to be met by around 9-10 mx5's all in convoy on the way to ashbourne way to a pub, I was the black mk1 that tagged along at the back I can remember 2 red mk3's A brg mk1 A silver hardtopped mk1 Another dark colour mk1 A red mk2 at the back And a few others...
  3. Japfest 2013
    Hey guys! I know it early, in fact very early! Was just wondering an idea of who will be driving down on the day from Derby area? I know its a bit of a trek (150 miles or so) but just wanted to drum up a bit of interest so people know they don't have to do the drive alone Its possible for us...
1-3 of 4 Results