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  1. Exterior
    Hi all, I need some advice. I wanted to replace my milltek back box as its too quiet for my liking, and I still have my mk2 stock exhaust. So iv'e bought a 3.5 inch jap style universal backbox that came off a mk1 (I believe it was just clamped on). If I saw the pipework of the stock exhaust...
  2. Exterior
    I have decided to get a new mohair hood (with plastic window for zipability) for my Mk1 and I could really use some good opinions. Firstly I need to find the best place to get it fitted; Im in Coventry atm but can also travel If I can get a better deal. I know Sam Goodwin is very close and...
  3. Newbies! Introduce yourselves here
    Hello to all fellow MX5 Nutzers, I recently could not resist buying a 1999 1.8 S. It has 107k on the clock but the engine feels like new... I have had it for about a week and it is a cracking little car around the Midlands' B roads. Anyone from the Middlands area please recommend any garages...
  4. Spotted!
    This afternoon I spotted one of the cleanest mariner Blue MK1 MX5's I've seen in a long time! Original BBS wheels and matching hardtop, looked very nice :thumb-up: Coincidentally parked facing a silver MK2. **Seeing that colour has made me want one!
  5. Spotted!
    Dropping of all the postage and I stumble across this MX5 Mk1 Merlot ? with Hardtop and a red tow hook strap parked in a pub car park. I think a chrome style bar was also visible. I know the car was for sale a while back, but has it found its way to Coventry, is the new owner on here?
  6. Social events
    Birmingham area convoy to the big Peaks Super Meet on the 11th August 2013. The main meet details are here: The Phoenix Fives version of this thread is here: Meet at...
  7. Spotted!
    As above really, I was running a few errands in my MK1 (White) and spotted a MK3 in my rear view mirror with gold wheels. Can't say how happy I am to finally see one in the area which has had some modifications, even if it was as simple as contrasting aftermarket wheels! Gets very boring seeing...
  8. Members Rides
    Think it's finally time to put my car here, even if it's just so I can keep track of my own progress. The bit about me - I'm 20, studying Automotive design at Coventry uni, currently in my second year. Loving it and I hope to actually land in a job designing for one of the big motor companies...
  9. Social events
    *********The Phoenix Fives Big Monthly Meet ********* The Big Monthly Meet is as ever, the first Wednesday of the month. In this case its the 6th of March at 7.45pm till late and it will be held at The Wharf, Hockley Heath, B94 6QT (The sooner you get there the better) This is a chance to...
  10. Spotted!
    Yesterday morning I passed you in my red MK1 and we both had the tops down loving life haha. Think you had chrome style bars but only got a quick glimpse so not too sure. Thanks for the wave though!!
  11. Spotted!
    Obviosuly we both saw each other at the roundabout near Sainsburys around 10.55ish Are you on here? and are you local to this area? First time I've seen a fellow mk1 anywhere near where I live. Thanks for thumbs up
  12. Spotted!
    Stumbled across this nice MK2.5 in a very Light Blue, hardtop, dual exhausts, fairly low / stanced. I pulled up behind you in my red 200sx, saw you pear over as I carried on forward on the Coventry Ring Road. Car was looking so clean, if your on here, definately would like to have a look at the...
  13. Spotted!
    'Earlier this afternoon, I was entering the car park in my Blue MK2, and behind me with a slightly low Black MK2 with Black Hardtop starts to queue - had a small sticker on the front, are you here? Then upon entering the car park a Red MK2 with Red Hardtop (Leamington no. plates), bit of a rush...
1-13 of 13 Results