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  1. Problems
    Hi All, This is my first post about my 2006 NC so i will include as much information as i can. The problem started a few months back where the engine revs were bouncing after de-clutching when the engine was cold. It was most noticeable when I was heading towards say a roundabout in second or...
  2. Problems
    Hi, wondering if anyone can shed some light on why my ABS is failing after a cold start. ABS light seems to come on if I start driving with the engine too cold, or if I drive a bit too aggressively in cold weather. Seems like it's not just the light but the ABS is completely cutting out...
  3. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    I need to remove my hard top from the mk2 tonight and stick the soft top up. It hasn't been up for a few months and I suspect it will cold and not very stretchy. My intention is to run the car up for 30+ mins with the hard top on to try and soften up the soft top so it has a chance of latching...
  4. Mechanical & Electrical
    I'm currently having a mare with my Eunos suffering the infamous idle droop. It started about two months ago when I changed the battery and was limited to when the car was put into gear. It's since progressed to the point where it stalls when the engine is warm and idling. It drives fine with...
  5. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    As we all know.. Winter is coming!! And this will be my first winter with my 5.. and the first with a convertible.. Oh dear. :rofl: It will be interesting to say the least! Any tips on getting through the snow, ice and general crap weather?
  6. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    Hi all, been looking on the forum for quite a while and finally joined after picking up my eunos this week . Love the car and the way it drives but it seems to have a bit of an issue with idling when the engines cold and even once warmed up. Car starts fine but the revs tend to stick around the...
1-6 of 6 Results