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carbon fiber
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  1. Exterior
    Hey guys, So I wrote it earlier on some topics but just to make it more clear, we can now propose matte carbon fiber. I did hear some people saying that they don't like the glossy finish so that might interest them more! Sorry if I don't have pictures of a MX-5 part but I just finished this...
  2. Exterior
    Here finally come the NC parts! I received a trunk from the NC1 soft top version so we will start with a trunk spoiler. Other parts will follow shortly! The shape still needs to be amend to fit the NC trunk of course. :) Marc
  3. Exterior
    Hey, Thought I would start a topic for the NB as I finally got one!!! Pretty happy with the car, now I guess the first thing to do is the slim door trims. My leg litteraly got stuck between the steering wheel and the door handle. I now understand why you want this stuff for ever!!! Few pics of...
1-3 of 4 Results