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    Hey all, I just rediscovered a video I made of my Mk1 Turbo from a while back. I Did it to test out me Go Pro and it's suction mount thing. Turned out ok! The suction mount didnt fall off and the video I shot was edited together into this little piece. Check it out! LINKY Cheers A
  2. General Chat & Banter
    Hi all I'm looking for some help I did a track day today and took great pride in using my new gopro hero 3, however plugged it into the computer and only 5 of the 14 videos will play the others come up with a QuickTime error saying its not recognised. It's odd because its the first 4 and last 1...
  3. General Car Chat
    I recently bought of the below dash cams (not this exact seller, but same camera) for the 30 seconds it actually worked, I found the picture quality a bit fuzzy to say it's supposedly full HD. Anyway, it's broke, it's going back. I am after suggestions for a dash cam for mainly road driving, but...
1-3 of 5 Results