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  1. Problems
    Hi All, Being a newbie, I sanded my brake caliper to clean it, under the surface rust and dirt it seemed to have some form of black paint. My question is, do i need to paint my caliper with high temp paint? Or can i leave it without any paint? Thanks
  2. Wanted
    Hey All, I'm looking for a Mk1 1.6 rear driver side caliper in working order. also passenger side standard Mk1 wing mirror, black preferably but any colour. As close to Chepstow, South Wales as possible. Tah. Jack.
  3. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    Hi, Looking to upgrade the fronts on my MK1, i was tempted by getting a Wilwood package (powerlite) see the ebay link below. I have 15" Japan Racing rims and don't want to sell them so want a brake kit that will fit under those. I'm just not sure the 1.8 caliper is worth the hassle...
  4. Wheels, Tyres, Suspension & handling/etc
    Hi all, Replaced my discs and pads all round on mk2.5 Euphonic and since then, the handbrake does nothing, regardless of how/where I adjust it (it worked perfectly before). A lot of swearing has ensued after having it in the air a fair few times so would appreciate any more ideas before I start...
  5. Problems
    Hi all, Car (1999 NB 1.6) had plenty of vibration on the brakes, noticeably from the rear right. I was putting it down to a warped disk, since the calliper had been playing up for a while (handbrake mechanism got stuck but then seemed to unstick). Got it to the mechanic to surface disk (still...
  6. Problems
    Hi, I've had my 1993 1.6 Eunos V Special since September 2014 but am having problems tracking down a really annoying rattle from the offside front brakes. When I got the car the large caliper slider pin (17mm) was seized and had to be freed off and the caliper piston was badly corroded. I've...
  7. Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi all, i'm thinking of doing the 4 pot front brake conversion and to balance out i was wondering has anybody done a 2 pot rear caliper conversion? I've searched google and have not found any off the shelf kits to do it. I got the influence from a formula ford (4 pot on the front and 2 pots...
  8. Wanted
    Anyone in the Rotherham area got a good condition rear caliper slider pin (Mk1 1.8) I could get hold of today? Bought a new caliper and pin and they've forgot to ship the pin to me. Dumbass here never checked the box so the car is half in pieces atm....
1-8 of 9 Results