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bucket seat
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  1. I.C.E
    Hey guys, I've recently acquired a cheap set of sparco sprints for my mk1, they were stupidly cheap and it would have been a shame to pass on them. However, I quite like having the headrest speakers in my original seats and don't really want to lose the functionality of having them. If anyone's...
  2. Wanted
    After one or 2 bucket seats for my mk1 mx5 - preferably with rails etc & ready to bolt in as I don't have any spare. I am in Worthing, West Sussex but can collect within a reasonable distance. After decent condition and ideally black as my car is BRG ... but show me what you have (cream...
  3. Guides: Interior & Electrical
    Here's some easy to follow pics on how to perform the 'Foamectomy' on the back part of the seats. (MK1 passenger seat shown, Drivers seat and MK2 similar) This involves removing some of the foam in the backrest to sit further back into the seat, a free mod that'll only take around 15 minutes...
  4. Interior
    Hi all, I'm trying to plan out a retrim for my NA. I'm quite handy with the old thread and needle, but I'm not so sure on what the best place to get car fabrics is. I Know eBay is a bit hit-and-miss with car fabrics (suedette, vinyl, etc) in terms of quality, longevity, UV resistance, etc...
  5. Interior
    Hey nutz I just bought a cobra monaco s bucket seat which is on standard rails. According to the seller it is standard height, which i have always found to be a little high for me (6'0). Just wondering how i would go about making side mounts so it can sit a bit lower, and also wondering if i...
  6. Wanted
    After a 1.8 diff, welded or open, but not LSD. Not sure how the diffs vary, but it's for an early 1.6 Eunos. Also after base mount rails to suit an OMP bucket seat for an MX5. Let me know what you've got!
1-6 of 21 Results