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  1. Mechanical & Electrical
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good source for BMW E36 variable throttle position sensors? Been advised to get a proper new OEM one. Is it a case of going to a dealer, or...? Cheers!
  2. General Car Chat
    After nearly five years of having the audi I've finally bought a new daily driver. It's a 2007 BMW Z4 coupe with 45k miles on the clock. It's a 3.0l auto so pretty much the perfect car for me. As an added bonus it doesn't look to dissimilar to my mx5.
  3. For Sale Ads
    4 x e30 alloys with tyres £200 Ono Bought these a few months back to go on my car but in the mean time have refurbished my daisies so these are sitting around unused. Just bought a roll bar so selling these to fund that! I've taken various tyre depths!! Wheel 1: Firestone 690 - 205/55/r15...
  4. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    I've decided to pack it in. No more mx5 ownership for me, I've come to the final decision that it's just too much commitment for me right now and I can't do it justice. For the past year of my mx5 ownership, I've had some good times and some bad.. but unfortunately as time drew on, the bad...
  5. Your driving stories
    Hello everyone - wanted to share my experiences of driving the Ultimate Driving Machine for a few days. Ive had my NA MX5 for about a month and since it only covered 2400 miles in the last 4 years under the previous owner I decided to have a service carried out. It went in yesterday morning for...
  6. General Car Chat What do people think of this then. Classic 1993 Impreza with a BMW 5 series rear end and an Audi front........
1-6 of 11 Results