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  1. Your driving stories
    For those of you familiar with me and/or my build thread(s), you will already be aware of my love of excessive story telling. This thread shall be no different. Conversely, those that are unfamiliar with my work, where on earth have you been!? In any case, you all have one of two options: Numero...
  2. Social events
    The ever-popular Nutz Super Peaks Meets makes (yet) another triumphant return..... this time with a HUGE new twist :D Yep, thats right, Not satisfied with the recent run of AMAZING show appearences (Japfest had 125 cars... Japfest 2 almost 150!!!) we once again want to take control of the...
  3. General Car Chat
    An awesome video of a Hakosuka. The sound of the interior shots at around 50 seconds on made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I need one of these in my life.
1-3 of 6 Results