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Really original S Limited in great condition.<br /><br />Currently undergoing some work at the MX5 Restorer (new clutch, CAS, cambelt, service, new hood, suspension upgrade, refurb BBS, mop, underseal.......etc<br /><br />Such a great car gotta keep it or
Mk2.5 svt 6 speed.<br /><br />Engine / exhaust<br /><br />MS3 Enhanced by Reverant<br />Cat back stainless system, straight through mid pipe to 4&quot; diameter straight exhaust with 2&quot; outlet<br />K&amp;N Typhoon Intake<br />MAF delete | MAP / IAT<b
My red mk2 mx5, brought on a whim, (it was sunny)
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingnexus 7 headunittablet mounted in dash. barebones amp hidden behind. fm tuner installed in glovebox?0.00?0.0010 / 10
Engine Bay<br /><br />- 1.8 with Mini Eaton M45 supercharger<br />- 146mm Track Dog Racing all alloy crank pulley<br />- 60mm nose pulley by Freaky Parts <br />- TR Lane tensioner bracket (A/C delete)<br />- Hard piped over the rad front mount intercooler
1.6 S Special <br />Standard interior <br />14&quot; BBS alloys et45<br />14 degree timing mod<br />Meister CRDs<br />OE engine strut brace<br />OE rear strut brace<br />OE Nardi Torino steering wheel<br />GC Fabrications GC1 Roll Bar<br />Moss/Cobalt low
My 1995 Wide Body Eunos Roadster G-Limited.<br /><br />Saved from the scrap yard at the end of 2013 as a partly broken car. Very much like Triggers broom now&#33; I don&#39;t think I&#39;ll ever sell it&#33;
Genuine 93 Eunos Mazdaspeed 1.8 Supercharged.<br /><br />Mk2.5 Block and inlet manifold with MK2 head.<br />MS2 management and TDR overlay pulley and tensioner.<br />Pace chargecooler system.<br /><br />Fully polybushed with Meister coilovers.<br /><br />
1.6 Mk1 Eunos 1991 in classic red, BBS RS 070&#39;s 15 x 9 ET 0, MeisterR coilovers, Tony Banks custom exhaust manifold back twin exit decat. Brake upgrades stainless brake flexi&#39;s, Coolant reroute, full silicon hose swap in red, JRSC M45 full off the
The Red One has been resprayed in Velocity Red, which looks different depending on the light levels. It is on the second engine but is pretty much stock.
Progress thread:
Standard Mazda Eunos Roadster 1.6<br />Silver Stone<br />Tein Coilover Suspension<br />
Low and wide roadster, 230 at the wheels with thanks to a garret turbo, fmic, rx8 injectors, ms2 enhanced......
Started of life as an unloved eunos. Been completely stripped to a bare shell and rebuilt. engines been breathed on with the help of a GT2554r, torsen 3.909:1
Rs-r manifold<br />Car make corns exhaust<br />Decat<br />Meister-r zeta-s coilovers<br />Dcautro chassis brake brace<br />Cusco strut brace<br />2way LSD<br />Underbody bracing from 1.8<br />Mazdaspeed seats<br />Mazda 323 rocker cover<br />Mazdaspeed oi
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingreupholstered seats and doorcards?500.00?0.009 / 10ILM Low Profile Lights?0.00?0.008 / 10Refurbed Mazdaspeed MS-01Rs?0.00?0.0010 / 10
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingGrooved brake discs?0.00?0.007 / 10Tein Lowering Springs?0.00?0.007 / 10Sportex exhaust (backbox)?0.00?0.006 / 10Suede gaiters (red stitch)?12.89?0.009 / 10K&N Cone filter?0.00?0.007 / 10
A few minor modifications for track use.
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRatingIL Motorsport Catback?250.00?0.0010 / 10Drilled Airbox?0.00?0.005 / 10Pipercross pannel filter?25.00?0.005 / 10HSD Dueltech?577.00?100.0010 / 10Greenstuff pads on front?50.00?0.008 / 10Ultimax pads on rear?15.00?0.009 / 10R-Package front...
Very clean. No rush.<br />highly modificated.<br />91 engine and MSPNP<br />JRSC with small pulley<br />STO wheels<br />Big brakes 4 corners<br />performance5 rails<br />Torsen diff NB1<br />NB2 leather seats<br />Roll bars double hoop<br />rear diffuser
NA 1.8 track slag<br />5 speed manual<br />Gaz pro coilovers<br />Fast5 50mm ali radiator<br />Lightened 1.8 flywheel (7kg&#39;s)<br />TRLane roll bar<br />Part stripped interior<br />Drilled air box<br />Cobra Monaco FIA bucket seat (not fitted)<br />75m
1.6 Jenvey ITB&#39;s &amp; M45 Charger
Elsie has the following amends:<br /><br />Suspension/Handling<br />Uprated Polybush ARB links<br />Mazdaspeed 3-point strut brace with MBCS<br />Toyo T1-R tyres (205/45 R16)<br /><br />Exterior<br />Mazdaspeed Miata front lip<br />Track Dog Racing air sp
Bought as a restoration project for £500 i am currently bringing this little red 1.6 back to life. Follow the build thread in the members rides section under ( i shal call her scarlett)
Bought down in Eastbourne, added a GV lip, spoiler, blue LED dash lights. Sorted boot rubbers on gear lever, fitted gaiters, bought new wheels &#39;Calibers&#39; and tyres TR1s. Still got to fit fuel light and proper oil pressure gauge. Plus oil cooler an
The Great White Buffalo.<br /><br />Bought with rusty arches and entirely standard except some nasty chrome. Deleted the rust, chrome and some arch gap; introduced some alloys and small mods. Proceeded to buy HSD Monopro&#39;s fresh from Adam Barnett&#39;
1.8 Phoenix SE. Pretty standard apart from Meister suspension, dual exhaust and OZ Superturismo alloys.