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General Information

MX5 Sport Black
Velocity Red
6000 Miles
Bought in Sept 2013 to replace a 1.8 Miyako which had been used for two long European road trips, this had pushed the mileage up a lot so it was decided to do a swap and get a 2.0 litre car that would be better suited for the long tours that we do. <br /><br />This is the JCT600 ex demo Sport Black (number 239 of 500 made) and wears a personal number plate that was put on by them: MX55 XXY - I'm still not sure whether to keep it or put it on an age related one, it does look a bit naff but it's part of the car now so I'm undecided. It also had black graphics all over it when I bought it, but they came off as soon as I got it home.<br /><br />Since buying the car it's been lowered and rustproofed, it's also had the chrome badges made black, and looks far better for it. Apart from the lowering and the forthcoming beefier anti roll bars being fitted, mechanically the car will stay bog standard as it will be used for more long road trips where reliability is the most important thing.



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