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Showcase cover image for 2004 Westfield SEiW ZX10-R

General Information

4000 Miles
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
Chassis RefurbShotblasted and Zinc coated?0.00?0.008 / 10
Kevlar Panelling?0.00?0.0010 / 10
Quaife Reverse Box?0.00?0.008 / 10
Purchased in late 2010 and used as my weekend car.<br /><br />Started a strip and rebuild in late 2010 that is still going on (but nearly finished) today.<br /><br />Complete tear down and rebuild includes:<br /><br />* Chassis: Westfield SEiW chassis (wishbones all round) complete with RAC specification roll bar. Chassis shot blasted, zinc sprayed then epoxy painted in gloss black <br /><br />* Braking: Fully braided stainless steel brake lines (no copper), refreshed master cylinder, brakes rebuilt by BiggRed.<br /><br />* Suspension and Steering: ProTech dampers with matched springs, re-valved and balanced by ProComp Motorsport. Nylon bushes all round. New top and bottom ball joints and wheel bearings.<br /><br />* Kevlar Goodies: Cockpit floor, transmission tunnel sides and top, engine bay floor, footwells, scuttle, bulkhead and rear shelf. All bonded and riveted to the refreshed chassis, edged with black silicone sealant a'la Ferrari F40<br /><br />* Interior (well, what there is of it): JK Composites fibreglass seats, padded with black vinyl and yellow piping, matched to Schroth harnesses. Carbon fibre dash complete with Koso RX1-N digi dash and GIPro gear indicator. All switchgear now runs toggle switches with LED on/off indicator lights.<br /><br />* Bodywork: $50 paint-jobbed in Gloss White using a roller, flatted back and polished. Plans for flared engine bay sides and leather strap bonnet fixings (for a touch of old skool!). Megabusa bonnet and nose cone with Carbon Kevlar NACA duct. Refurbed Carbon fibre cycle wings and arch guards (I found them in a wastage bin!) fitted with rally style mudguards to minimise kicked up stones. Soon to arrive Carbon Kevlar aeroscreen with SPA Design mirrors.<br /><br />* Engine and Drivetrain: 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R engine matched to a Sierra diff through a Quaife reverse box. Custom MAC#1 Motorsports airbox. Polo cooling system and rad fan (only this time it sucks air through rather than pushes it). Custom 4-2-1 manifold paired with a Simpson racing exhaust can.



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